Tianping Deng

time:November 18, 2021

Name: Tianping Deng

Academic Title: Associate Professor

Email: zhanghua@hust.edu.cn

Research Interest:

Wireless Communications, Wireless Sensor Network, Multimedia Communication Technology


Ph.D degree, Information and Communications Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2003-2007

M.Sc degree, Communications and Information System, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 1999-2002

B.Sc degree, Applied Electronic Technology, Nanjing University Of Science And Technology, 1994-1998

Employment and Working Experience:

Associate Professor, School of Electronic Information and Communications, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2016-present


Circuit Test Experiment (Ⅱ)

Circuit Theory (Ⅱ)

Analog Electronic Technology (Ⅰ)

Selected Publications:

1. Wenping Liu,Tianping Deng,Yang Yang,Hongbo Jiang,TowardsRobust Surface Skeleton Extraction and Its Applications in 3D Wireless SensorNetworks,IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking,2016.01

2. Rongbo Zhu, Wanneng Shu, Tengyue Mao,Tianping Deng,Enhanced MAC protocol to support multimedia traffic incognitive wireless mesh networks.Multimedia Tools and Applications. November2013, Volume 67, Issue 1, pp 269-288 

3. Tianping Deng, KaiPeng, and Yimin Lu,Research of STBC in free space optical communicationssystem, International Conference on Space Information Technology 2009,Proc.SPIE, Vol. 7651.

4. Deng Tianping,Peng Kai,Lu Yimin,Lu Gang, Dual header pulseinterval modulation (DH-PIM) in FSO communications, The Second Academy ofChina Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation(China),2007; SPIE vol.6795.

5. Deng, Tianping; Lu, Yimin; Lu, Gang; Peng, Kai. Performanceevaluation and channel modeling of MIMO free space optical communicationsystem. Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for OpticalEngineering, v 5985 PART I, International Conference on Space InformationTechnology, 2005: 59851C-1-4. (EI)

6. Donghui Zhu; Qiangong Tao; Jing Xing; Yubao Wang; Wenping Liu;Tianping Deng; Hongzhi Lin; Chen Wang; Hongbo Jiang,Boundary-free skeletonextraction and its evaluation in sensor networks,Wireless Networks,Jan.2015 


Awards and Honors:

First Prize in the Award of the 1st National Teaching Competition for Courses of Fundamentals of Electronic Technology and Electronic Circuit for Young Teachers, 2016

Second Prize in the HUST Teaching Competition for Young Teachers, 2016

Second Prize in the Award for Excellent Teaching Quality of HUST, 2015

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