Donghong Zuo

time:May 27, 2021

Name: Donghong Zuo

Academic Title: Associate Professor


Research Interests: embedded system, Intelligent education technology


Ph.D. degree 2002.9~2007.12;

master degree 1999.9~2002.6;

bachelor degree 1995.9~1999.6; All in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Employment and Work Experience:

1999.7~ teacher in Huazhong University of Science and Technology.


Principle of Microcomputer and interface technology;

Experiment of Microcomputer;

Digit Circuit and Logic Design;

Electronic Circuit Design, Experiment and Test.

Selected Publications:

1.Donghong Zuo, Wenqing Cheng, Jie Luo. A Practice Approach to Teach Computer Organization and Interface Technology. Proceeding of 2021 2nd Information Communication Technologies Conference, pp 338-342.

2.ZUO Dong-hong, CHENG Wen-qing, LUO Jie, WANG Xiao-yan.Digital System Consistent Teaching Exploration under the Concept of Emerging Engineering.Journal of Electrical & Electronic Education, 2019,41(05):78-80+105.

3.Zuo Donghong, Cheng Wenqing, Luo Jie, Zeng Yujiang. Research on the Professional-action-ability Oriented Training Program in German Higher Engineering Education.Research in Higher Education of Engineering,2018(06):188-193.

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