EIC possesses great strength in teaching and scientific research, boasting two first-level disciplines (Information and Communication Engineering and Electronic Science and Technology) and postdoctoral research stations with the same names. EIC is among the first group approved to confer doctoral degrees. It is qualified to confer doctors and masters degrees in Communication and Information System, Signal and Information Processing, Circuits and Systems, and Electromagnetic Field and Microwave. Communication and Information System, the second-level discipline, is a national key fostering discipline. Information and Communication Engineering and Electronic Science and Technology are both the first-level key disciplines in Hubei Province. 

Scientific Research Strength

EIC has been striving for excellence in the research of broadband wireless communications and network, information security and anti-counterfeit, image, graphics and multimedia processing, space navigation and detection, radiation characteristics and electromagnetic target detection, and Internet technology and engineering. In 1996, “EIM-601”, a large-capacity digital SPC exchanges for local use, co-developed by EIC and China Electronics Technology Group Corporation 54th Research Institute won the grand prize in Scientific and Technological Progress Award of the Ministry of Electronics Industry. EIC has won more than 10 awards at provincial level since 2008. A large number of high-level research papers have been published in international journals and at international conferences, including more than 200 SCI papers and more than 400 EI papers. In the national first-level discipline evaluation of 2012, the index of quality of representative academic papers ranked first. Over 208 patents of EIC have been authorized, and the faculty of EIC also engaged in the formulation of multiple national standards. EIC has been awarded the research funds of over 229 million RMB, of which longitudinal research funding accounts for over 70%.

Scientific Research Platforms

EIC boasts a number of scientific research platforms, including National Anti-counterfeit Engineering Research Center, National Experimental Teaching Center of Electrotechnics &Electronics (Electronics), Chinese University Social Sciences Data Center, Internet Technology and Engineering R&D Center, and China International Joint Research Center of Green Communications and Networking. In addition, faculty from EIC also took an active part in the construction of various national and provincial research bases and experimental teaching centers, such as National Engineering Laboratory for Next Generation Internet Access System. Moreover, there are a number of bases and platforms co-established by EIC and corporations at home and abroad, such as TI Associate Laboratory and Xilinx Associate Laboratory. EIC also maintains close collaboration with many universities in various countries and regions, including the U.S., Singapore, Australia, Germany and Hong Kong.

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