Xiaohu Ge

time:May 27, 2021

Name: Xiaohu Ge

Academic Title: Professor

Email: xhge@hust.edu.cn

Research Interests:

Mobile Communications, Green Communications and Networking


Xiaohu Ge received the Ph.D.degree in communication and information engineeringfrom the Huazhong University of Scienceand Technology (HUST), China, in 2003.

Employment and Work Experience:

Xiaohu Ge has been worked with HUST, since November2005. Prior to that, he worked as a Researcherat Ajou University, South Korea, and the Politecnico Di Torino,Italy, from January 2004 to October 2005. He is currently a full Professorwith the School of Electronic Information and Communications,HUST. He is also an Adjunct Professor with the Faculty of Engineeringand Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney (UTS),Australia.


Green Communications and Networking

Selected Publications:

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Scientific Research Projects:

1.“Research on Theories of Intelligent Network Cognition Based on Multi-access Edge Computing,”granted No.:U2001210,Sponsor: NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China), Principal Investigator:Dr.Xiaohu Ge(HUST, China), Research Period: 2021 ~ 2014, Budget:2,540,000 RMB.

2.“Research on Theory and Key Technology of Information Spatial Cooperation Optimization in Green Communication Networks,”granted No.:61210002,Sponsor: NSFC (Natural Science Foundation of China), Principal Investigator:Dr.Xiaohu Ge(HUST, China), Research Period: 2013~ 2017, Budget:2,600,000 RMB.

3.“Research on 6G Resource Allocation and High Energy Efficiency Communications”,granted No.:2020YFB1806605, Sponsor:China MOST Key Programme, Principal Investigator:Dr.Xiaohu Ge (HUST, China), Research Period: 2020.12 ~ 2023.11, Budget: 1,088,000 RMB.

4.“Joint Research on the 5G vehicular networks based on Automatic Driving”,granted No.:2017YFE0121600, Sponsor:China MOST international cooperative research programme, Principal Investigator:Dr.Xiaohu Ge (HUST, China), Research Period: 2019 ~ 2020, Budget: 850,000 RMB.

5.“EU-China Study on IoT and 5G”,granted No.:723227,Sponsor: EU, Horizon 2020 Program, Principal Investigator: Dr.MartinPotts, (Martel GmbH, Switzerland), Research Period: 2016/7/01~ 2018/06/30,Budget: 962,625 €,Dr. Xiaohu Ge works as a member of PMC andPIof HUST to join this project.

6.“Energy-Efficient Wireless Networks and Connectivity of Device - Densification”,granted No.:DNRO:195/31/2013,Sponsor:TEKES,Finland , Principal Investigators: Prof. Olav Tirkkonen (Aalto Univ.), Dr. Tao Chen (VTT), Dr. Antti Tolli (Oulu Univ.), and Prof. Mikko Valkama (Tampere Univ. of Techn.), Research Period:May,2013 ~April,2015, Budge: 1,000,000 €,Dr. Xiaohu Ge representative of HUST to join this project.

7.“UK-ChinaScience Bridges: R&D on 4G Wireless Mobile Communications”,granted No.:EP/G042713/1,Sponsor:UK EPSRC, Principal Investigator:Dr.Cheng-Xiang Wang (Heriot-Watt University, UK), Research Period:April,2009 ~May,2012, Budget: 1,130,000GBP,Dr. Xiaohu Ge works as China core partner member of PMC andPIof HUST to join this project.

8.“Security, services, networking and performance of next generation IP-based multimedia wireless networks”,granted No.:PIRSES-GA-2009-247083,Sponsor:EUFrame-work Program 7, Principal Investigator:Dr. Frank Reichert, and project manager: Frank Y. Li (University of Agder, Norway), Research Period: 2010/06/14~ 2014/06/15, Budget:760,000 €,Dr. Xiaohu Ge works as China core partner member of PMC andPIof HUST to join this project.

9.“Towards Pervasive Indoor Wireless Networks,”granted No.:PIRSES-GA-2012-318992,Sponsor: EU Frame-work Program 7, Principal Investigator : Dr. Jie Zhang, (University of Sheffield, UK), Research Period: 2012/10/01~ 2016/09/30,Budget:552,900 €,Dr. Xiaohu Ge works as a member of PMC andPIof HUST to join this project.

10.“Cross-layer Research on Green Cooperative Cognitive Radio Networks andServices,”granted No.:PIRSES-GA-2013-610524,Sponsor: EU Frame-work Program 7, Principal Investigator : Dr.Qiang Ni, (Lancaster University, UK), Research Period: 2014/4/1~ 2018/3/30,Budget:424,200 €,Dr. Xiaohu Ge works as a member of PMC andPIof HUST to join this project.

11.“Coordination techniques for multi-cell cooperative MIMO networks,”granted No.:PGR00195,Sponsor: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairsfor Italy-China Joint Project, Principal Investigator : Dr. Michele Zorzi, (University of Padova, Italy), Research Period: 2013 ~ 2015,Budget:300,000 €,Dr. Xiaohu Ge works as China PI for this project.

Awards and Honors:

1.IEEED istinguished Lecturer, 2019-2020.

2.China Institute of Communications(CIC) Fellow, since 2019

3.IET Fellow, since 2016

4.Huazhong Distinguished Professor (This position is employed by HUST for excellent researchers) from Jan. 1, 2013.


China National International Joint Research Center of GREen CommunicAtions and NeTworks (GREAT). Granted by Ministry ofScience and Technology China on Dec. 29 2015.

Dr. Xiaohu Ge is the founding director of GREAT center;

Last:Caiming Qiu

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