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    Opening Ceremony of 2023 MOFCOM Program Successfully Held

    time:November 30, 2023

    On November 2, the opening ceremony for the 2023 Information and Communications Master Class of Ministry of Commerce was held in HUST. Leaders, representatives of teachers, and all the students of class 2023 attended the opening ceremony.

    On behalf of the university, Chen Jianguo, Vice-president of HUST, extended a warm welcome to the 45 students of class 2023. He said that HUST has cultivated more than 15,000 professionals for over 160 countries, pointing out that in recent years, HUSTs scientific research strength and international influence have steadily increased, and in the future, HUST will continue to make contributions to the opening-up of education. Cooperation, innovation and bond are the three key words of his speech to the class of 2023. He emphasized that the young generation is the future of the world, and hoped that the class of 2023 can make achievements and contribute to the friendship between China and their home countries and to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

    Ge Qian, the party secretary of the school of EIC which runs the program, said that the school will give full play to its professional advantages and invest teaching resources to implement the program with high quality.

    The 45 students of the class of 2023 class come from 17 countries, including Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Tanzania, etc. They are the outstanding professionals in the field of communication engineering in their countries, and have gone through the strict selection before the admission to HUST. The representatives of students, ABEL YOHANNES TESFAALEM form Ethiopia and GIMO CARLOS FERNANDO from Mozambique delivered speeches at the opening ceremony respectively. They expressed the gratitude to the Chinese government and HUST and hoped the new students can study hard so as to contribute to home countries and to building a community with a shared future for mankind.

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